Botox Blues  

The botoxed lines have smoothed away

To gods of vanity I pray

No china cracks no hair-line slits

Below eye sacks or saggy bits


In fact my face is slightly raised

It's full of pricks and numbly grazed

It seems to me I don't look great

The mirror sees my cheeks inflate


No spidery lines or crowsfoot map

My face is free of ridge or gap

Each feature too, has done a bunk

The flesh has swelled my eyes have sunk


And where my nose did once protrude

The gap where once I shoved my food

Both slipped into the bulging blob

A noseless face a lipless gob


To Botox world I'll not return

It's far too late for me to learn

When I go out I can't walk tall

That's me young Steve.. the white beach ball


Poem by Steve Stirk