NRP Sagres Ship

The NRP Sagres is a tall ship and school ship at the service of the Portuguese Navy since 1961. Because she is the third ship with this name, she is sometimes referred to as Sagres III. It it the most condecorated vessel of the Portuguese navy and the only one to display both Portuguese and foreign condecorations in the national banner.

Built in 1937, and previously named Guanabara, she was brought to Portugal by the Ambassador Teotónio Pereira, himself a man of the sea, with the intent to replace the old Sagres School Ship. She was then renamed Sagres and remains in service to this day. A few times a year, it’s open for visitation.

Lisboa: Praça do Comércio

Film photography, especially in black and white, is like travelling back in time. And when your theme is a city like Lisbon, that feeling doubles. This is Praça do Comércio, one of the mightiest and a mandatory pit stop for tourists, photographers and filmmakers.

This square is nothing short on History: it was once the most important trading point of Portugal. Boats and ships came up river, docked in the shores of Tagus and unloaded all the riches of the Empire. The arc’s called Arco da Rua Augusta and welcomes everybody standing as the city entrance. The whole square was built after the 1755 earthquake, an event that destroyed half the city and paved the way for one of the world’s most important architects and city planners that ever lived: Marquês do Pombal.


Happy New Year from Sesimbra

Sesimbra is a seashore village, South of Lisbon, where life takes place by the sea, comes from the sea and lives by it. Fishermen and their boats, scuba divers and simple beach goers that rest on the peaceful waters by the cove, the many restaurants available all day. But the New Year’s Eve is one time where everybody’s watch ticks the same: fireworks is on! Either by the lighthouse, the beach or the castle, it’s magnificent to see light and sparkles filling up the sea with all shades of red, orange, blue, golden and many more.

passagem de ano.jpg

Lisbon: Cartoon Network

This is a super-hero’s tile mural at the Art's Business & Hotel Center Complex, in Lisbon, located in the super modern and developed area that held Expo’98. Created by the post-modernist painter Erró, it depicts cartoon heroes and science fiction characters from american stories. Under the claim “More is More”, the artist makes us believe Super Man is really flying right in front of our eyes due to the overload of colour, overlapping of figures and sense of movement.

The Art of Stealing Premiere


Arte de Roubar is a portuguese movie directed by filmmaker Leonel Vieira. It’s a co-production between Portugal, Brazil and Spain. Spoken in english, it tells the story of two small town burglars who come back to Portugal to steal a Van Gogh painting.


Arte de Roubar é um filme português realizado pelo cineasta Leonel Vieira. Co-produzido entre Portugal, Brasil e Espanha, conta a história de dois ladrões que regressam a Portugal para roubar um quadro de Van Gogh. Mas não sem muitas peripécias pelo caminho.

Theatre on call against pollution

Christmas celebrations began earlier this year with a photoshoot session for the portuguese theatre company Revisteiros. Based in the city of Samora Correia, I was invited to capture the colours and the joy of a group of people that took on the mission to bring life to their city. With this children’s play, Missão Planeta Azul (Mission Planet Earth), the goal was to teach them about the importance of preserving water and take action against pollution. From where I stood, I would say mission accomplished! Over and out.


Revisteiros Teatro em missão: O grupo teatral Revisteiros apresentou no Centro Cultural de Samora Correia a peça infantil Missão Planeta Azul. E foi com muito gosto que aceitei o convite para fazer a fotografia de cena. Uma das melhores prendas de Natal que podemos dar às crianças é ensiná-las a apreciar a arte e o teatro, por isso parabéns à companhia por um espectáculo tão educativo e captivante. O tema não podia ser mais actual: o problema da poluição e a importância da preservação dos recursos naturais da Terra. Diria que pelas palmas, o Capitão Aquarela e a sua equipa foram bem sucedidos na sua missão.


Joana Vasconcelos Christmas Party

Another Christmas celebration with the artist Joana Vasconcelos, her team and their families. Friendship, team building, lots of fun and happy kids running around in a setting filled with art and inspiration. It was the perfect photoshoot to end the week because working with longtime friends is more play than business.


Fui novamente convidado a registrar a Festa de Natal que a artista plástica Joana Vasconcelos oferece anualmente aos seus colaboradores e equipa. O dia foi recheado de amizade, espírito de equipa e risos de crianças. Foi a sessão fotográfica perfeita para acabar a semana porque quando se está entre amigos, trabalho e diversão estão presentes em doses iguais.


Stopping at Piccadilly Circus

The London underground may be famous for its Mind The Gap warning, but some of the stations are full of history on their own. Enter the dark blue Piccadilly Line, running for over 100 years and reaching peaks of over 210 million passenger journeys yearly. The Piccadilly Circus stop gets its name after Piccadilly, the street above it between Hyde Park Corner and Piccadilly Circus. You know this last one, the bright illuminated square that looks like a mini Times Square and a photo opportunity spot not to miss.


Viajar no metro de Londres é percorrer corredores apertados e esperar ansiosamente por ouvir o famoso e mundialmente conhecido “Mind The Gap”. Mas algumas linhas têm história por si mesmas. De cor azul escura, a Piccadilly Line existe há mais de 100 anos, chegando a atingir um pique de 210 milhões de viagens em 2011/12. É uma das linhas de metro mais importantes que dá acesso a museus e pontos emblemáticos na cidade e foi baptizada a partir da Piccadilly Street.


St. Pauls Cathedral

Another postcard from London, this time the Anglican cathedral of St Paul, the seat of the Bishop of London and the mother church of the Diocese of London. Designed by Britain’s most famous architect, Sir Christopher Wren, it was built between 1675 and 1710, the first religious construction after Henry VIII removed the Church of England from the jurisdiction of the Pope.

Catedral de São Paulo, sede do Bispo de Londres. Foi desenhada pelo arquitecto inglês mais famoso, Sir Christopher Wren, entre 1675 e 1710. Edifício histórico, marca o início de uma nova fé inglesa, quando o Rei Henrique VIII se afasta do controlo do Papa.


Anos 20 no museu Victoria & Albert

Knightsbridge é a morada de um dos maiores museus do mundo, o Victoria & Albert. O motivo da visita foi a exposição retrospectiva dedicada a Cristobal Balenciaga, mas como não trazer comigo tantos momentos de história que aguçam a curiosidade? Na imagem, viajamos até à moda desportiva dos anos 20, na ala do museu dedicada à Moda.