Semana das Ciências Aplicadas à Saúde - SCAS2018

A Associação de Estudantes da Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde de Coimbra (AE-ESTeSC) promove mais uma edição da Semana das Ciências Aplicadas à Saúde. Trata-se de um evento aberto à população de Coimbra que oferece rastreios médicos e educa para boas práticas na área da saúde.  

Os objectivos deste evento são, no entanto, mais amplos. É também uma forma de integração e formação de alunos, e de dar visibilidade à oferta curricular desta Escola Superior. Sem limite de idade, miúdos e graúdos têm ao seu dispor uma grande variedade de especialidade médicas, com todo o apoio do corpo docente da Faculdade.


"Farinha Torrada "portuguese pastry

You only need a hand full of ingredients to make “roasted flour”, a pastry as simple as it is delicious. It is said to be originated from Sesimbra, a seashore city south of Lisbon. It was common to bake this sweet because is lasts a long time and still be edible. Fishermen use(d) to take it out to the sea because is caloric and nutritious.

Roasted flour was also used as a popular remedy to strengthen the ill, eaten along with black beer - that back in the days one could only buy at a pharmacy.

Wheat flour, eggs, chocolate, sugar and lemon rasp is all it takes. Mix is all together, put in the oven and you’ve got yourselves an energy booster snack.

Farinha Torrada
Farinha Torrada
Farinha Torrada
Farinha  Torrada

Workshop Salvar Vidas

Coimbra recebeu uma nova formação focada em reanimação na gravidez/parto promovida pelo Conselho Português de Ressuscitação (CPR) no âmbito do Projecto Salvar Vidas.

Esta iniciativa, que abrange o território nacional, tem o objectivo de transmitir conhecimento e boas práticas sobre reanimação à sociedade civil e a profissionais da saúde, para que cada um possa desempenhar um papel eficaz na cadeia de sobrevivência e contribuir assim para “salvar vidas”.


Coimbra received another workshop led by the Portuguese Council of CPR. This initiative, called Project Save Lives, aims at the citizens as well as doctors and health professionals, giving them the tools to better perform their job in the survival chain. This event targeted pregnancy/delivery CPR.



Sessões fotográficas de boudoir são uma tendência que ganha cada vez mais adeptos em Portugal. São sobretudo noivas que querem captar estes momentos de intimidade para oferecer aos noivos e futuros maridos. Mas também já há mulheres que desejam estas sessões como forma de valorização pessoal. Realizam-se onde desejar, vestindo a sua lingerie preferida, e decorrem com todo o profissionalismo de uma sessão fotográfica em estúdio. O resultado é muito natural e delicado, realçando a beleza e sensualidade da mulher, em imagens de grande intimidade e romantismo.


Boudoir sessions are getting more and more interest in Portugal. Usually requested by brides, they want to capture intimate and sensual images of themselves to surprise their future husbands. The setting is simple: the woman chooses her favorite location and her favorite lingerie. The process is like studio photography and the result is very natural and delicate, focusing on images of beauty and romanticism.



Bread and smoked meats are one of the most typical guests at any portuguese table. We write songs and poems about it, we celebrate them with festivals and we even serve them as offerings in some religious practices and traditions. One could say these two items, along with wine, are deeply connected with the portuguese gastronomic identity.


Pão e enchidos, ou carnes de fumeiro, são dois dos convidados de honra em que qualquer mesa portuguesa. Juntamos o vinho, e temos a santíssima trindade da gastronomia portuguesa que marca presença em canções populares. Estamos a falar de personagens principais na cultura gastronómica portuguesa que merecem ser registadas com dignidade. Se tem um restaurante, ou trabalha no ramo da hotelaria e restauração, e a comida é o seu material de trabalho, contacte e agende uma sessão fotográfica. Iremos produzir as fotografias que melhor representam as suas especialidades  e iguarias, para que as possa utilizar para divulgar o seu estabelecimento ou serviço.


Baby Leonor

Photographing babies is such a sweet, delicate and inspiring moment. It’s also challenging because they are our little bosses as their mood dictates the rhythm of the shoot. If there is gonna be any shoot! But I cannot help but be overwhelmed by the amount of hope such a small body helds within. And looking at the parents proves just that because the way they look at their baby is priceless: they want to save this moment forever but at the same time they wish them the world.


Spin me round (like a record)

For a fun photo, I give you one of the happiest songs ever. A 1985 dance hit that will get you spinning as fast as this carrousel!

You spin me right round, baby

Right round like a record, baby

Right round round round

You spin me right round, baby

Right round like a record, baby

Right round round round


I, I got be your friend now, baby

And I would like to move in

Just a little bit closer

(little bit closer)


All I know is that to me

You look like you're lots of fun

Open up your lovin' arms

Watch out, here I come

Auschwitz, 73 years later

What else is left to be said about one of the most horrific times in our History? There is something compelling each one of us to visit, but somehow you don’t feel like a tourist. You feel like a witness and I believe that’s the point.

Keeping those walls and wires up is much more that a moral prison for the world. It’s paying our respects and paying a tribute to those who lost their lives for greed and madness. It’s making sure nobody forgets what men can do to its own kind, despite it is still happening in other parts of the world. That bone chilling feeling is something I will never forget. You cannot help but feel loss and ashamed.


Botox Blues  

The botoxed lines have smoothed away

To gods of vanity I pray

No china cracks no hair-line slits

Below eye sacks or saggy bits


In fact my face is slightly raised

It's full of pricks and numbly grazed

It seems to me I don't look great

The mirror sees my cheeks inflate


No spidery lines or crowsfoot map

My face is free of ridge or gap

Each feature too, has done a bunk

The flesh has swelled my eyes have sunk


And where my nose did once protrude

The gap where once I shoved my food

Both slipped into the bulging blob

A noseless face a lipless gob


To Botox world I'll not return

It's far too late for me to learn

When I go out I can't walk tall

That's me young Steve.. the white beach ball


Poem by Steve Stirk

Shades of Lisbon

This is black & white modern Lisbon. This is the modern architecture with real people in it. This is concrete and iron and glass and water being inhabited by people passing by, standing still, resting. This is Parque das Nações, the new part of the city built for Expo’98. This is what remains almost 18 years after the whole world came to Lisbon to celebrate its diversity, culture and progress.

Parque expo lisboa (2).jpg
pavilhao portugal lisboa.jpg
pavilhao atlantico lisboa01.jpg
Parque expo lisboa.jpg

Albufeira Lagoon


Three pictures from the same place, at different timings. Each one full of such colour and magic that one thinks it can only be found in paintings and faraway locations. Just half an hour South of Lisbon, the still waters are soul food and the easiest on the eyes. The water surface and the sky meet and stand as one, truly meant to be together. Stand on the shore, put your feet in the water and look up. You cannot help but feel in your own dome.

lagoa albufeira sesimbra001.jpg
lagoa albufeira sesimbra003.jpg
lagoa albufeira sesimbra002.jpg

Saltworks - “Sítio das hortas”

Meet the river Tagus that you don’t usually see in tourist advertisements. This is the working Tagus, both the office and the co-work of the many fishermen and salt workers that dedicate their lives to the water. The calendar is dictated by the tide, rocking the boats like a big cradle. The day begins even before sunrise. Rain and cold don’t matter. The day’s earnings can’t be risked. In Portugal, saltworking is an art form and tradition facing extinction, but there are still a few men that wouldn’t trade this openoffice for the comfort and protection of concrete walls.

O Sítio das Hortas é um dos locais mais acessíveis do estuario do Tejo alcochete001.jpg
O Sítio das Hortas é um dos locais mais acessíveis do estuario do Tejo alcochete002.jpg
O Sitio das Hortas em alcochete007.jpg
O Sitio das Hortas em alcochete006.jpg

NRP Sagres Ship

The NRP Sagres is a tall ship and school ship at the service of the Portuguese Navy since 1961. Because she is the third ship with this name, she is sometimes referred to as Sagres III. It it the most condecorated vessel of the Portuguese navy and the only one to display both Portuguese and foreign condecorations in the national banner.

Built in 1937, and previously named Guanabara, she was brought to Portugal by the Ambassador Teotónio Pereira, himself a man of the sea, with the intent to replace the old Sagres School Ship. She was then renamed Sagres and remains in service to this day. A few times a year, it’s open for visitation.

Lisboa: Praça do Comércio

Film photography, especially in black and white, is like travelling back in time. And when your theme is a city like Lisbon, that feeling doubles. This is Praça do Comércio, one of the mightiest and a mandatory pit stop for tourists, photographers and filmmakers.

This square is nothing short on History: it was once the most important trading point of Portugal. Boats and ships came up river, docked in the shores of Tagus and unloaded all the riches of the Empire. The arc’s called Arco da Rua Augusta and welcomes everybody standing as the city entrance. The whole square was built after the 1755 earthquake, an event that destroyed half the city and paved the way for one of the world’s most important architects and city planners that ever lived: Marquês do Pombal.


Happy New Year from Sesimbra

Sesimbra is a seashore village, South of Lisbon, where life takes place by the sea, comes from the sea and lives by it. Fishermen and their boats, scuba divers and simple beach goers that rest on the peaceful waters by the cove, the many restaurants available all day. But the New Year’s Eve is one time where everybody’s watch ticks the same: fireworks is on! Either by the lighthouse, the beach or the castle, it’s magnificent to see light and sparkles filling up the sea with all shades of red, orange, blue, golden and many more.

passagem de ano.jpg

Lisbon: Cartoon Network

This is a super-hero’s tile mural at the Art's Business & Hotel Center Complex, in Lisbon, located in the super modern and developed area that held Expo’98. Created by the post-modernist painter Erró, it depicts cartoon heroes and science fiction characters from american stories. Under the claim “More is More”, the artist makes us believe Super Man is really flying right in front of our eyes due to the overload of colour, overlapping of figures and sense of movement.

The Art of Stealing Premiere


Arte de Roubar is a portuguese movie directed by filmmaker Leonel Vieira. It’s a co-production between Portugal, Brazil and Spain. Spoken in english, it tells the story of two small town burglars who come back to Portugal to steal a Van Gogh painting.


Arte de Roubar é um filme português realizado pelo cineasta Leonel Vieira. Co-produzido entre Portugal, Brasil e Espanha, conta a história de dois ladrões que regressam a Portugal para roubar um quadro de Van Gogh. Mas não sem muitas peripécias pelo caminho.